LK7200 Commercial Upright Bike by BH Fitness



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    LK7200 Commercial Upright Bike by BH Fitness

    Double option of monitor: SmartFocus: Besides of showing the evolution and training information it allows full connectivity to social networks, internet, TV and applications. DOT Matrix with LED window: The bottom alphanumeric display gives the user instructions before and during the exercise.The 4 LED windows at the very bottom simultaneously show information for Speed, Time/Distance, Calories/Tilt and Pulse rate.

    Comfort Integrated fan, wheels for transportation

    Pulse measurement both by contact pulse and telemetric pulse (chest strap optional)

    Exclusive Box Frame with curve tubing provides commercial grade strength and great styling

    Electromagnetic brake system with generator. Maximum reliability and precision. No need for electric mains, unless you want the monitor to be constantly switched on while not pedalling

    Drive system: mainteinance free Poli-V belt. No chain means no oiling. No chain means no noise

    Programs: Manual, 40 preset profiles for different levels of difficulty and intensity, user programmable profile, Test Man, Test Woman and Heart Rate Constant program.


    Height: 142 cm / 56”

    Width: 62 cm / 24”

    Length: 130 cm / 51”

    Weight of machine: 59Kg / 130 lbs.

    Maximum user weight: 180Kg / 397 lbs.

    Power: 800 watts

    Horiz. Adjust. Seat: Yes

    Vertical seat adjustment: Yes

    Wheels: Yes

    Bottle holder: Yes

    Screen type: Dot+Matrix

    On-screen information: Speed, RPM, Time, Distance, Calories, Watts, Pulse, exercise control charts

    Languages: Esp, Eng, Fr, De, Nl, It, Pt

    Programs: 40 Profiles, User Program, Manual, Fitness Tests, Constant Watts, HRC

    Resistance/difficulty levels: 1-20

    Self powered: Yes

    LK7200 PK Drive Belt

    LK7200 PK Drive Belt

    Transmission System: PK belt drive assures performance that is smooth, quiet, and low maintenance. No Chain means you and the bike stay cleaner with no oiling

    LK7200 New Crank Design

    LK7200 New Crank Design

    The new crank design from the SK Line bikes includes a reinforced steel cased structure with a flat, wider an aerodynamic design. This ensures more stability and security during the exercise.

    LK7200 Walk Through

    LK7200 Walk Through

    All obstacles between the seat and handlebar have been eliminated in order to promote an easier access