F5 Treadmill ex hire by BH Fitness

Where to start with the F5 Treadmill. Well if you are a serious runner or you just want the safety, durability and confidence that a treadmill can assist you at your fitness level the F5 will accommodate it with to trouble. A large running deck surface longer and wider than most common treadmills. The F5 has a wider frame too for stability while running at higher speeds and gradients. So many great features packed into the F5 treadmill you just need to read the features to get the full in-site .

  • Electric inclination from main control display. Change inclination while using the treadmill.
  • Treadmills with “Green Power Tech” have incorporated the technology already present in motors and regulation cards that allows a more efficient electric workout, lower consumption and same performance. Recognising the need to respect our environment and minimise harmful emissions.
  • This symbol highlights that the equipment has program facilities. Pre-defined training profiles with different intensity levels.
  • Hand pulse control on the handrail.
  • Safe vertical unfolding system powered by a hydraulic system to prevents back injuries
  • Vertical folding system. Very useful to minimize space at home and allows easy movement.
  • The Eco-Mode function activates a change in the treadmill’s control software As a result of these changes real power consumption drops by an average of 25% when measured with the treadmill belt at a constant speed and at zero degrees inclination.
  • The K-Dumper Soft Control absorbs some of the impact caused by running, extending the life of elastomers and the running board.
  • Telemetric pulse control reading from the connection between the receptor and the control panel. If the word ‘optional’ is not shown, that means that it also includes the transmitter or chest band.
  • Safe vertical unfolding system powered by a hydraulic system to prevents back injuries.
  • Extra wide running surface.
  • Integrated powerful fan. Provides a cooling sensation while exercising.

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RRP £999.00


F5 Treadmill
F5 Treadmill Console
F5 Treadmill
F5 Treadmill Console

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F5 Treadmill

The F5 treadmill by BH fitness is a brilliant piece of equipment for the keen runner.

So many features are packed into the F5 Treadmill these include:

  • Built in fan, speeds of up to 22 km/h by the 4 horse power motor and electric incline of up to 12%.
  • A soft cushioning system called K-Dumpers are used to reduce joint pain.
  • A wireless heart rate strap can be used which is included in the price.
  • A solid wide frame for stability while in use.

The F5 Treadmill has so many other great features, just read the list below for it’s full description:

Here are our links to our Facebook & YouTube where we our starting to upload our own personal videos of fitness equipment.  You will be able to watch Kurt go through some of the great points of the equipment we are selling or hiring. There is also a Blog written about the F5 Dual Treadmill which you might find interesting to read. Click Here

F5 Treadmill Features:

Designed for intensive use at home:

  • High-performance for heavy use at home.

Extra wide frame:

  • Provides strength, rigidity and endurance during the exercise.

4 HP motor:

  • Provides a quiet yet powerful speed between 1~22 Km/h.

ECO-MODE function:

  • Activates a change in the treadmill’s control software. As a result of these changes real power consumption drops by an average of 25%.

Green Power Technology motors:

  • Efficiency means respect for environment.

Electric incline up to 12%:

  • Allows significant variation in intensity of the exercise at any speed. Helps to put your leg and back muscles under load for a through workout.

DOT MATRIX monitor with 6 LED windows with 14 pre-set training profiles with 3 intensity levels:

  • Challenging programs to help you meet your goals.

Heart Rate Control Program:

  • Allows cardiovascular zones to be targeted during the workout. Automatically controls workout intensity to maintain effort at chosen pulse limits.

Body Fat test:

  • Helps to control the figure.

3 custom courses (user Program):

  • Allows users to design their own program.

6 elastomers shock absorbing system+ K-Dumper:

  • Prevents muscle and joints injuries. The K-Dumper Soft Control absorbs some of the impact caused by running, extending the life of elastomers and the running board.

Contact pulse measurement system:

  • Provides targets for advance training.

Wireless heart rate control with a heart rate monitor (included) by radio frequency to 5 kHz:

  • Allows high intensity workouts with a comfortable heart rate control on the monitor or on your mobile device.

Incline and speed instant keys:

  • Helps to control speed and incline intensity.

Vertical folding system:

  • The most compact treadmill that helps to save space.

SDS (Soft Drop System):

  • A safety system that prevents back injuries.

Integrated powerful fan:

  • Provide a nice cooling sensation while exercising.

Bottle holder:

  • Very useful for long training sessions.

Wheels for transportation:

  • Easy to move in the house.

F5 Treadmill Specifications:

  • Length: 184 cm.
  • Width: 94 cm.
  • Height: 149 cm.
  • Weight: 108 kg.
  • Measures folded: (L) 125 cm (W) 94 cm (H) 156 cm.
  • Maximum user weight: 140 kg.
  • Running deck: 140 cm x 51 cm.
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour.

I.Concept by BH Features

Enjoy I.Concept by BH technology and use your smartphone or table like a touch screen of your fitness machine.

  • The machine is compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology.
  • I.Concept technology allows a personalized and 100% motivational training, with specific training Apps for fitness machines like for example BH by Kinomap, Run on Earth, Fit Console or Tread Monitor..
  • Also you can surf the internet, reading your email, updating your social networks, watching videos or TV, etc. while training.

Dual Kit included

Plug dual Kit in the USB port of the machines’s monitor and be ready to enjoy the Fitness Apps of I.Concept by BH universe.

Compatibility with smartphones, tablets and accessories.

iOS compatible devices are: iPod touch (fifth generation), iPhone 4, IPad 3, IPad mini and newer. You can check minimum requirements of installation of the Apps in the App Store.

Apps are optimized for the following Android devices: S4 and Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung and Nexus 7 from Google (first and second generation) . Other Android devices with more than 4,3″ screen can work, but it is not guaranteed an optimized performance.

Compatible Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors are: Polar H6, Wahoo Fitness Blue HR, PAFERS HR-KIT and HR-KIT Plus (recommended).



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