Merit V2000 Vibration Plate – EX Hire

The Merit vertical vibrating plates are designed for acceleration training; one of the simplest ways to improve your stamina, strength and flexibility.

  • They have 5 programmes: Manual, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body and Abdominals.
  • You can also choose three Quick Time Keys with 30, 45 and 60 second workouts.
  • Upper body straps, a training mat and instruction cards are included with each machine.

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Merit V2000 Vibration Plate

Thanks to the The Merit V2000 Vibration Plate and its vertical vibration you can now sculpt your body in only a few minutes.

There are both Manual and Pre-set Programs available to the user.

The Horizon Merit V2000 vibration plate, it seems to have most things you will need as the home exerciser if you want to tone up, loose some weight, massage your body, rebuild muscular strength after injury or surgery or simply to relax.

The good design of the handle bar allows for various support or balance options. The best feature that we had not come across before, is that the second console half way down the column of the unit does allow you to stop and start the machine but also to program it.

The Merit V2000 Vibration Plate is of a useful size, the vibration frequency has a good range from 20 HZ to 55 HZ.

The Merit V2000 Vibration Plate also contains 3 timer settings, 5 pre programmed exercise plans, a high and low intensity option.

The Merit V2000 Vibration Plate comes with two operating consoles. With most vibration plates in the past, the second console would only feature a stop/ start button and a countdown timer. With the Merit V2000 Vibration Plate you can additionally design your own exercise programs using the 2nd console. You will also be able to set the Merit V2000 Vibration Plate manually. In general we really enjoyed the running of the Merit V2000 Vibration Plate, the simplicity in settings and the stylish design. Great value.

Additionally when you order the Merit V2000 Vibration Plate you will get a free sound proofing mat, a contoured exercise mat, two upper body straps and some exercise instruction cards.

Here are our links to our Facebook & YouTube where we our starting to upload our own personal videos of fitness equipment.  You will be able to watch Kurt go through some of the great points of the equipment we are selling or hiring.


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