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Fife Sports and Leisure Trust required wooden wall frames secured in two leisure centres; Pitreavie Athletics Centre, Dunfermline and Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre. Having already secured a 25 school gymnastic servicing tender, we knew all too well what we were getting ourselves into. Knowledge of gymnastic equipment product replacements, part sourcing, upholstery repairs and installations is a common practice Chandler Sports fulfills. The single challenge we faced at DalgetyBay was that the centre was to remain open to the public and therefore the team had to be quick and clean, within the three hour gap provided. The Pitreavie Athletics Centre also gave us obstacles which required a 4 station frame at one end of the court, with addition a 3 station wooden wall frame at the other. Preparing the used wooden wall frames inspections were required to identify nail protrusions, cracked or split wooden fragments, wooden rail alignments and preparing the backing wall to which the frame would be fastened. All this required an effective clean installation approach where people can continue their exercisers without any interference.

The result is a finished service on time and on budget so athletes, gymnasts and the public have more choice at their leisure centres.

“Fife Sports & Leisure Trust’s Facility Support Manager (West Fife Cluster), Jimmy Dunbar, said: “I am very pleased that Chandler Sports were able to successfully refit the wooden wall bar frames into our leisure centres. We are delighted with the quality of the installation and level of professionalism throughout in managing to complete the desired works to a high standard. The customer feedback arising since has been very positive as a result.”

So whether you are requiring gymnastic equipment installations, maintenance and repairs to current makes and models or require a little advice be sure to contact Chandler Sports Ltd.

Areas covered are Scotland, Cumbria and the north east of England.

3 Wooden wall frames ready to go against the prepared wall.

3 Wooden wall frames ready to go against the prepared wall at Pitreavie Leisure Centre in Fife.The 3 wooden wall frame completed.The 3 wooden wall frame completed.


4 Wooden frame wall mounts ready for fitting

4 Wooden frame wall mounts ready for fitting

Completion of the 4 wooden wall mounts.

Completion of the 4 wooden wall mounts.


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