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About Chandlersports

Chandler Sports aims to provide owners and managers of health and fitness facilities with technical assistance and expertise in order to help maintain their fitness equipment.

Your customers are using your equipment all day, every day and it is all important to minimise the risk of breakages and injuries. Preventative action is best for controlling your business environment and reducing the risk of costly breakdowns.

Users will be satisfied to know that your equipment is well maintained so they can exercise knowing a treadmill belt will not slip or a bike crank is not cracked.

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Tell us your big idea's from home gym start ups to commercial enterprises

    Chandler Sports and who we are – A fitness equipment retailer, service and spare parts provider

    Chandler Sports is best known for our servicing and spare part/repair areas of the industry. Servicing contracts for hotels, education centres, and gyms. Continuing this trend we were able to provide an excellent commercial equipment product range “BH Fitness” exclusive to Scotland. While we continued absorbing contracts home use customers required equipment repaired. Therefore Chandler Sports collected these leads and added them to the day schedule. Given the manufacturing brand of home use fitness equipment after service contacts we began to provide parts to repair their broken fitness products. As the brands for home use were becoming established to repair there products Chandler Sports was able to open trade accounts to the sell home use equipment. This became a lasting decision which has helped Chandler Sports grow to a much needed brand for repairing, spare part sourcing and selling of fitness equipment.

    As markets shift Chandler Sports included the hiring out of fitness equipment to nearby areas which has seen a demand and kept hiring this day to fulfil customers needs.

    We continues to grow into avenues that has pushed us through the markets which has gradually made us who we are today.

    Chandler Sports has selected only a few brand names to sustain healthy relationships which provides a better service to the customer these are:

    BH Fitness (commercial and home use products), York Fitness (accessories and weight products), Proform (home use products), Foam 4 Sports (gymnastic safety products)

    Here is a list of our fitness equipment categories

    Treadmills: Home and Commercial Treadmills

    Fitness Equipment: Rowing Machines, Elliptical Crosstrainers, Spin Bikes, Exercise Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Steppers, Vibration Plates

    Strength & Training Equipment: Plate Loaded, Strength Training Accessories, Single Stack Machines, Functional Training Equipment, Dual Compact Machines, Power Racks, Weight Benches, Multi stations, Squat Rack & Stands

    Weights Equipment: 2″ Olympic Weight Plates, Dumbbells and barbells, Kettlebells, Bars Collars & Accessories, 1″ Standard Plates, Hand/Studio Weights, Extra Items, Medicine Balls

    Fitness Accessories: Floor Accessories, To Wear, Other Fitness Accessories

    Massage Chairs: Summit 4 Coin Operated Massage Chair, Cyclone 8000 Massage Chair

    Gymnastics: Coming soon

    More of our fitness equipment products


    The most popular product is the treadmill. Too us it is the heart of the business. So many features are seen in today’s treadmills. Small compact treadmills which can fold vertically, to folding treadmills and then platform treadmills (non-folding). To ran at speeds of 25kph and a starting speed of just 1kph. Walk, jog or sprint plus incline to a gradient that creates running even more challenging. Programmes are designed to keep you on track, to encourage fitness and to set new personal records.

    We have quality treadmills and competitive pricing which is set by the brands we sell. So no other brand or model should be cheaper or more expensive. It will come down to the delivery time and service department quality that makes the difference from buying from us or a different company. To see our range of quality home us treadmills see our home use section there is something for everyone. Though if you are thinking of a high end quality gym grade treadmill then look at the commercial treadmills which we have plenty models on offer.

    Elliptical Crosstrainers

    Coming in second to the treadmill the crosstrainer has proven to be favoured runners up due to the design which provides very low impact properties to all joints. This decreases the pains and excessive pounding found by treadmills. All crosstrainers have some form of resistance and some have lift motors which when in use targets other areas in the legs and glutes for even greater all round workout.

    With a wide range of crosstrainers on offer the home use section would be a great starting point. They start from £300.00 for those on a budget and with small spaces see to our home use crosstrainers section. For those who have 2 meters or more I suggest looking at the higher end for better quality in parts at the commercial crosstrainer section. Here you will find light commercial and gym grade crosstrainers.

    Exercise Bikes

    To improve the overall strength of the legs exercise bikes have been around for many years. The exercise bike has grown into other designs which have made centre stage. Creating the recumbent bike. A bike which pedals in a reclined position for those who have lower back problems. This creates less joint pressure, important for mobility. Spin bikes were designed for those who are keen riders of the roads. Set to make both exercising serious and challenging.

    Rowing Machines

    Rowing machines are designed to work the entire body making this motion one of the top forms of calorie burning exercises. Using the hands and forearms to grip the handle and the legs to push, you are creating a motion similar to that of a rowing boat. Overall the rowing machine is a lower impact exercise and can be found in different styles. You have the air rower which draws in air while in motion to create the resistance. The water rower that simulates the noise of been out rowing in the water and the magnetic rower that users magnets moved over an iron wheel to create resistance. All of these rowing products have there own unique style and performance.

    Multi Gyms

    Designed in many different styles the multi gym is designed to perform provide various exercises on one piece of equipment. Made for homes and commercial use they come compact and gradually become larger for heavy duty more commercial environments. Strength conditioning is carried out on different areas of the multi gym including chest press, lat pull, seated row and leg extension/curls. Multiple weight stacks can create multiple users to exercise at once. Perfect for commercial environments including hotels and schools.

    Chandler Massage Chairs

    To improve fitness and well being massage chairs have many benefits by stimulating muscles and relaxing the mind. The cyclone 8000 massage chair packs all the features of an expensive chair into a compact stylish chair. Increase blood circulation, relieve emotional stress, correct your posture, reduce muscle tension and pain and surprisingly provides an energy boast. With the use of air bags, mechanical 4-roller L-Track to massage the neck down to the glutes at 130cm in length. Its not so surprising that by using a massage chair after an exercise can be the icing on the cake.