Impact Rubber Flooring

Impact resilient rubber flooring is the preferred choice for high-wear active spaces and delivers ultra-performance.

Impact is designed to add colour along with protection and durability to meet your flooring needs.

Impact is made of recycled rubber from recycled materials, with coloured EPDM granules added under strict quality standards. Prices start from £22.00 sqm. Call to arrange a free on-site inspection.

Product qualities;

  • high quality, resilient and durable
  • extremely wear resistant
  • comfortable cushioning effect
  • excellent anti-slip characteristics
  • shock and sound absorbing
  • impact resistant
  • anti fatigue
  • easy to install and maintain
  • choice of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12 mm thickness
  • can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • recyclable, environmentally friendly
  • huge choice of colours and colour combinations available

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We deliver to the whole of mainland UK

Free SUPER SAVER Delivery & Installation for most of Scotland and Northern England

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Impact rubber flooring is the ideal choice for use in fitness facilities where equipment is used such as gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and sports centres, due to its shock and sound absorbing properties, slip and impact resistant and durability.

Impact is extremely wear resistant so well suited to areas where there is heavy footfall for example stadiums.

Available in 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm.
At 12 mm Ultimate Impact is also spike / skate / stud resistant and is regularly used at ice rinks and golf complexes.

Impact is also used as underlay for athletic tracks and is available in various thickness – please contact us for more information regarding this application.

A decoration of different colours to meet your brand or you can also provide us with your colours and we can do the rest.

109:RedBlack with Red chunk flecks 125:Light GreyBlack with Light Grey flecks 126:GreenBlack with Green flecks 177:EggshellBlack with Eggshell flecks 122:Blue/Light greyBlack with Blue/Light grey flecks
127:BlueBlack with Blue chunk flecks 10410:Black with teal, purple and brick fleckBlack with teal, purple and brick fleck 10457:Black with chunks of grey and blue fleckBlack with chunks of blue and white fleck 10409:Black with blue and red chunksBlack with blue and red chunks 10462:Black with 30% light blue fleckBlack with 30% light blue fleck

The usual one colour option is available in:

– Grey

– Black

– Red

– Green

– Blue

– Yellow

– Brown

– Orange

– Gold

– White

– Purple

£32.00 p/sq


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