Gym Design and Layout

Chandler Sports: Idea Development: CAD Drawings (free)


At Chandler Sports we help you to design the fitness room for your gym, making complete tailored projects customized to your needs and designed for you.

Only the best design is a good option!

For this reason, our design team seeks the best distribution to the characteristics of the room, the gym’s customers’ target type, user flows, and the best use of space so that both you and your customers like the fitness project.

Don’t imagine, now you can see it!

Now, you no longer need to imagine how beautiful your gym may be, just simply look at it. Because we provide you with the best 3D technology to give you an almost perfect vision of your gym, the distribution of the machines, windows, doors even to the water fountain. We interior design what we discuss is what we propose and everything you and I can think of.

Or would you rather go for virtual tour of your future gym?

And if you want to be able to walk by the room and check what your users will be able to see and enjoy, now you can. Our design team can create the best virtual tours with fly-through technology, through which you can virtually walk around the room and see with your own eyes the future of your gym come true.

Idea Development offers you:

  • Key in hand service Complete design, key in hand of the training space
  • Optimization of your interior design project
  • Customization projects according to each client’s needs
  • Creation of unique and distinct environments for each project, in

Gym design and layout showing 2D, 3D and virtual tour. Give us a call to discuss your business prospects.