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All You Need to Know about Treadmills

Treadmills provide you with adaptable, indoor workout choices which can act as a setting for either running or strolling. Most treadmills measure your speed and separation as you work out, which can expand your inspiration and proficiency in working out. Treadmills are likewise an appropriate type of workout in the event that you are recouping from any sort of physical damage; because they allow you to utilize hand rails while strolling on a smooth surface. This empowers you and allows you to practice in ways you couldn’t do outside. The medical advantages of treadmill utilization in your workout regimen is boundless.


Likewise with any type of oxygen consuming activity, running on a treadmill has cardiovascular advantages. The activity of treadmill running obliges you to continuously move the muscles in your legs, hips and arms. Because of this physical exertion, you’re breathing and heart rate rises, and blood stream movements increase between your lungs and muscles. In the long haul, vigorous practice will fortify your heart, and lower your resting heart rate. You’re resting dissemination will enhance, and your veins will be kept clearer, diminishing the danger of a heart attack or stroke.

Bone Wellbeing

Weight-Loss activities, for example, running or strolling on a treadmill, can build the thickness of your bones. Expanded bone thickness reinforces your skeleton, and lessens the danger of bone-diminishing sicknesses, for example, osteoporosis. A recent report announced in the “Diary of Bone and Mineral Digestion system” found that normal continuance of working out on a treadmill had huge advantages for the bone nature of developing rats. The aftereffects of this review don’t really make an interpretation of facts and conclusions that lead straightforwardly to human advantages, however, show that treadmills particularly have a part to play in creating solid bone material in human beings.

Mental Strength and Passion

Notwithstanding its physical advantages, treadmill exercising offers a few advantages identifying with your psychological wellness and enthusiastic prosperity. Oxygen consuming activity prompts the arrival of endorphins, which give a general feeling of prosperity. Treadmill practice can in this way help ease they side effects of gloom and help you to unwind. In the event that you battle with nervousness and mental strain, treadmill practice at a vigorous level of force can regularly lessen these manifestations.


In contrast with a hard, open air surface the running surface of a treadmill can give a lower-affect choice to running and running workouts. Low-affect strolling workouts can without much of a stretch be planned and actualized utilizing a treadmill. In the event that you have wellbeing worries that make unsupervised open air practice perilous, including coronary illness, seizure issue or sullen weight, a treadmill permits you to practice in a sheltered, regulated and indoor environment. The capacity to control speed, grade and atmosphere amid a workout may expand your inspiration for treadmill workouts and lead you to accomplish more practice by and in large, with all the related increment in medical advantages.

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Types of Treadmill

  1. Folding treadmill: The majority of home use treadmills now come with reliable folding mechanisms to allow the treadmill to be stored securely when not in use. This is great for those users who have a property where space is at a premium.
  2. Non-Folding/Platform treadmills: For users who are looking for a more robust machine a platform treadmill (lacking the folding mechanism’s A-Frame) is the perfect machine. Often these will be heavier and have a more solid running deck and larger front and rear rollers.
  3. Commercial treadmill: If you are a home user but have the budget for a gym quality treadmill then you may want to look at a commercial treadmill. These are significantly more robust in terms of build quality and are manufactured to be able to withstand heavy usage throughout their operating life.

Summary of Benefits of a Treadmill

A treadmill’s main advantage over running, jogging or walking outside is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home or a cosy gym. We have somewhat ‘unpredictable’ weather here in the UK so being able to improve your fitness in warmth and comfort is a major bonus. Who wants to run in the wind and rain?!

On a related theme, many people work unsociable hours and find that fitness facilities are closed when they return from work. Purchasing a treadmill for use in your home means you can exercise anytime day or night!

Apart from the sheer convenience of buying a treadmill for your home, there are more physiological benefits associated with them. Not only will your energy levels increase as your fitness improves, but as exercise releases endorphin’s (the body’s happy chemical), those people who use treadmills will find they feel less stressed! Lung capacity, which is also linked to a person’s fitness level, can be increased with regular exercise. The best way to improve this with a treadmill is to run for longer periods at a medium pace.

There are 2 other related benefits to using a treadmill. These are an increase in bone density and a decrease on wear and tear to joints.

Treadmills are cushioned with various unique methods and technologies that take much of the strain from joints during use. Instead of pounding the pavements (which aren’t the most flexible!), let a treadmill take much of that pressure whilst still getting a major workout.

Treadmills can help build/maintain bone density as the impact of running encourages bones to build up in order to tolerate the increased activity level.

Lastly and most obviously, using a treadmill can and will help you burn calories….as will any exercise! The more you exercise the more calories you burn. Simples!

As previously mentioned, running is a weight bearing exercise and besides increasing bone density this means that you will also burn more calories running that you will using an elliptical crosstrainer, a rowing machine, or an exercise bike. It is important to note that this is based an equal level of exertion on each type of equipment over the same duration.

What Features should a new Treadmill Have??

Manufacturer’s specifications such as 3hp motor, 2.4mm thick orthopaedic belt and iFit compatibility etc can be quite confusing so I have listed some of the key features you should look for when purchasing a treadmill.

Motor Power:

Maximum Speed – at least 16 kph (10 mph).


Maximum Elevation/Incline – at least 10% powered incline NOT manual.

Build Quality:

Maximum weight tolerance – at least 19 St (120 kg).


Length and coverage of warranty – 2 years or more. Also check what is covered under the warranty. Is it parts and labour, parts only or labour only?? Also check the motor and frame warranties as many companies now offer lifetime warranties on both these items.

Size of Running Belt:

Length/width of running area – 55” x 20” (140 cm x 51 cm) is large enough for most people.

Durability of Running Belt:

Type of running belt – orthopaedic running belts are better for those with back issues.

Bells & Whistles:

Entertainment – touch screen TVs and mp3/iPod connectivity, speaker and cooling fans are among the features that are becoming more common.