lk 5500

LK 5500 Treadmill by BH Fitness

The LK 5500

  • high performance treadmill.
  • Performance, ergonomics and functionality joined to a robust and stylish design.
  • The Easy Toolbar built into the front hand grip ensures quick and easy access to the controls most frequently used during exercise.

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LK 5500 Treadmill


The LK 5500 is a high performance treadmill. Performance, ergonomics and functionality joined a robust and stylish design.

The Easy Toolbar built into the front hand grip ensures quick and easy access to the controls most frequently used during exercise.

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The LK 5500 Treadmill Features:

Quiet, reliable 3.5 HP AC motor.

Produces speeds of between 0,8 and 20 km/h with maximum silence. It guarantees power and durability with minimum consumption, thanks to a more efficient use of energy, which leads to a lower consumption for the same performance.

Easy Toolbar for quick, instant access built into the front handrail. This includes pulse rate contact sensors, one-finger speed and tilt buttons and emergency stop.

Central elevation system:Central elevation system.

Attractive curved profile s-shaped monitor, with a carefully studied inclination of 45 º: optimum for an enhanced view of the display and an easy access to all the controls during the exercise.

Speed controller: Digitally controlled instrument that looks.

HR Monitoring: Monitored pulse control: POLAR hand-grip system and POLAR telemetric system (optional chest-band).

Monitor: The top screen displays the various pre-set exercise profiles and current exertion levels. The bottom alphanumeric screen is used to guide the user when selecting the exercise as well as to display information about the exercise both during the exercise. The 4 LED window at the very bottom simultaneously shows information for Time, distance, calories/inclination and pulse rate.

Programs: Manual, 28 pre-set profiles for different levels of difficulty and intensity, user programmable profile, Test Man, Test Woman and Heart Rate Constant program.

Connection for MP3 and built-in speakers: Which let the user listen to their own music while exercising.

Fan: Powerful 2 speed fan.

Absorber system: Pro Tronic technology for maximum back and joint protection.


Height: 147 cm / 58”.

Width: 93 cm / 37”.

Length: 210 cm / 83”

Weight: 150 Kg / 331 lbs.

Maximum user weight: 150 Kg / 331 lbs.

Running surface: 155 cm / 61” x 55 cm / 22”.

Motor: 3.5 HP.

Tilt: up to 15%.

Speed range: 0,8 – 20 kph.

Screen type: VFD (LED+ DOT MATRIX).

Fan: 1.

On-screen information: Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Inclination, Pulse, exercise control charts.

Entertainment: MP3 and headphones connection.

Structure : Steel and plastic.

Heart rate monitoring: Touch sensors and telemetric.

Programs: 28 profiles, Fitness test, HRC, Manual, User program.

Other: Easy Toolbar built into handrail, Pro-Tronic cushioning system.

Bottle holder: 2.

Languages: Esp, Eng, Fr, It, De, Nl, Pt.

Mp3 and headphone connection:

Mp3 and headphone connection, that allow the user to enjoy the exercise to the full while listening to their favourite music.


Easy ToolBar:

Easy toolbar built into the handrail for easy access to the most frequently used controls, ensuring an ergonomic posture whilst running.

Varied training:

Varied training. Manual Program, user definable, Man/Woman Fitness Test, HRC and 28 profiles at different intensity levels.



Motor: Quiet, reliable 3,5 HP AC motor, with Green Power Technology. This technology minimizes the energy losses thus improving the efficiency of the motor.

This technology makes the most of the overproduced energy, which will be used when the electric current reduces, thus avoiding unnecessary current generation.



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