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Roman Chair Exercises you should try!

Maybe you’ve seen a roman chair at your gym, and maybe you’ve even done a few sit ups in it. However, you probably didn’t know that this chair is all you need in order to build a strong core and sexy abs. Most people don’t realise it but there are plenty of roman chair exercises that can give you a great looking body without any of the problems associated with other machines in your gym.

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roman chair

Why you should be doing Roman Chair Exercises?

Most people hit the gym for getting a good physique. Workouts have moved away from just focusing on one body part to more compound movements. The Roman Chair strengthens the core, abs, and glutes to give your physique the classical fit look.

The unique selling point of roman chair exercises is that most of them involve hyper extension workouts. What this means though is that your core is always going to be put under stress. This forces your body to adapt and keeps your midsection trim and muscular.

Sit Up

roman chair

The classic roman chair exercise. Incline the back of the chair down for extra difficulty. You’ll feel it in your entire core.



roman chair

This is the more difficult movement when it comes to full blown abdominal development. This is an incredibly hard exercise and you shouldn’t attempt this until you are properly familiar with the machine and its techniques. This can train all your abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back all in one. Though it is a tough nut to crack, you will see benefits all over your midsection in a relatively short span of time.


roman chair

This is a unique movement which can give your lower back a lot of strength and perhaps best executed on a roman chair machine. This movement targets the back and some parts of the thighs to give you a workout that is complete and exclusive to this machine. Needless to say, if you are prone to back problems then you shouldn’t try this without advice from your doctor or physio first.

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