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The Best Upper-Body Exercises For People Who Hate Push-Ups

You might think of the push-up as an arm exercise, but this move also works your shoulders, back, chest and abs. So if you hate push-ups , it’s important to swap out the right exercises to reap similar benefits. These upper-body exercises aren’t only great alternatives to push-ups, they’re also a great addition to any workout routine. Mix up your workout routine with these incredibly effective upper-body exercises.

Alternate-Arm Dumbbell Press

Strengthen your chest, triceps and the fronts of your shoulders with this bench-press variation. 

upper-body exercises

How to do it: Slowly lower one of the dumbbells until your elbow goes just below your torso. At the bottom position, keep your elbow at roughly a 45-degree angle to your torso. Press the dumbbell back up directly above your shoulder. Repeat this action with the other arm. Continue to alternate arms by pressing one arm while the other arm remains straight.

Band Step and Press

In addition to strengthening the chest, shoulders and triceps, this exercise also trains the abdominal muscles to remain strong and stable. And it improves coordination between your lower body and upper body. 

upper-body exercises

How to do it: Step forward with one leg as you press forward with both arms. Maintain your slight forward torso lean. Allow your rear heel to come off the ground. Then reverse the move: Step your lead leg back to the starting position while allowing your arms to come back as well. Alternate legs and explode into each repetition as if you were shoving someone.

One-Arm Band or Cable Press

In addition to training the chest, shoulders and triceps, this exercise strengthens the hips and abdominal muscles. This move forces your body to be strong and stable to resist the pull of the cable or band. 

upper-body exercises

How to do it: Without allowing your torso to rotate, drive your arm straight out in front of you. Slowly bring your arm back to complete one rep. Perform all reps on one side before switching arms and reversing your stance. Keep your back heel off the ground throughout this exercise.

Angled Barbell Press

The angled barbell press is much easier on the shoulders, so many people who have problems with conventional overhead pressing exercises can perform this one with no discomfort. The exercise strengthens the abdominals, hips, shoulders and triceps. 

upper-body exercises

How to do it: Press the barbell up and away from you while keeping your torso upright and stable. Slowly reverse the motion. Make sure to keep your hand in line with the same-side shoulder as you press the barbell up and out.

Kettlebell Shoulder-to-Shoulder Overhead Press

Holding a weight on one side of the body (as you do during each repetition of this exercise) increases the involvement of the oblique (side) abdominal muscles in order to maintain a strong and stable torso position. 

upper-body exercises

How to do it: Press the kettlebell overhead. At the top of the move, the kettlebell should be directly above your head. Slowly lower the kettlebell to your opposite shoulder. That’s one rep. Be sure to maintain your upright torso position throughout.

These upper-body exercises will definitely have you covered, if wish to stop doing the good ol’ push up!


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