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Space Saving Exercise Equipment

Do you live in an apartment or have only a little space to work out at home? Don’t worry. You can choose from a lot of efficient small exercises equipment for home. No matter if you want to have a cardio, strength training or fat burning workout, you will find gear from the list below.

You will see that most of the compact exercise equipment provides a full body workout, so you will not neglect any part of your body. And if I have not told you yet, these products are pretty affordable. So, here you have it, a list of space saving exercise equipment that you must have.

Space Saving Equipment Must-Haves


I start my list with hand weights since they are the most versatile pieces of equipment. They are suitable for both strength and cardio training. With the help of a dumbbell set, you can train all your muscle groups. Do squats for your legs, presses for your chest and shoulders, or extension for your triceps. There are numerous dumbbell exercises out there.

We have many different dumbbells available for sale, check them out.


Just like dumbbells, kettlebells are very versatile weight training equipment. Their compact sizes make them an optimal choice having only a small space to work out. Kettlebell workouts help to burn a lot of calories in a short time, and perfect for getting stronger as well. Plus, they are pretty cheap, and there are various sizes, so you can find one that suits your fitness level.

Exercise Ball

A stability ball is a cheap but extremely versatile fitness equipment that you can use in your room. What makes it so useful is that performing the exercises are more difficult since you have to keep your balance and the stability of your body. This way more muscles are engaged, especially your core muscles. For example, if you the push-ups by placing your legs on ball, it is much harder to press yourself up. Sitting on the ball is also great for your spine health. They are also pretty cheap!

Suspension Trainer

If you are a bit interested in fitness, I’m sure you have heard about TRX. It is a small space exercise equipment that can be installed on the door and gives you numerous possibilities to train your body at home by performing various bodyweight exercises. For example, make single leg squat for your lower body or chest presses for your upper body. Check out our 36Zero trainer.

Ab Wheel

Simple, cheap and compact but one of the best gym equipment for abs that require only a small workout space. By rolling in and out the wheel, you will not only strengthen your entire core but also your chest and shoulders. The ab wheel actually on sale right now, so get yours now!

Resistance Bands

Do not underestimate the efficiency and versatility of the exercise bands. The advantage of using bands is that your muscles are worked not only when you pull them, but when you let them back to the starting position. Plus, they are excellent tools to add extra resistance to you cardio workouts as well. Usually, they are sold in a bundle with different resistance levels and it only costs a few bucks.

Pull up Bar

If you have such a small space that it is impossible to have a power tower, then the best alternative is the doorway pull up bar. You can quickly install one on the top of the doorframe and do the mentioned bodyweight exercises except for the dips. The professional models provide different grips positions, and the maximum weight capacity is about 300 pounds. If you are interested in getting one, have a look at our door gym!

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Jump Rope

MMA fighters and boxers use the jump rope almost each of their workouts. And there is a good reason for that. This small workout equipment boosts your cardio and endurance and helps to burn tons of calories in little time. Although, keep in mind that you’ll need to have a higher ceiling and bit more space to use it comfortably.

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