Cross Trainer Repairs

Problem Action
Banging noises from rear of machine: Ensure product is level and that all parts are tightened and fitted in the correct place.
Squeaking noise from the machine: Check positioning and tightness of parts. Potentially joints may need lubricating with a non-petroleum based lubricant
Display is out: Ensure power adapter is fully inserted and that the console cables are connected properly.
Resistance is unresponsive: Check all console cables and disconnect/reconnect ensuring they are correctly aligned and firmly located
Heart rate monitor not working or seems erratic: Check cables for damage and make sure hands are warm, moist and are firmly placed on the pads



Cross trainers have a number of moving parts and as the product ages they may be times when there are noises coming from the machine or the performance seems to be impaired in some way. This does not necessarily mean that the product has failed in some way as it may be that routine maintenance is required.

The main areas where problems can arise are at the upper and lower joints in the pedal arms. The upper joint is near where you place your hands during usage and the lower comes out from the main flywheel. It will be a case of detaching these and lubricating with a good grease or silicone jells. Do not use multi-purpose oils such as WD-40.

If you have a front drive cross trainer (one where the main flywheel housing is located at the front) you may experience problems with the rear rollers and rails. General maintenance is to lift up the wheels and remove all dust and dirt from them. If you experience noises coming from the rear wheels/rails then the rail alignment may be off centre. To correct this, loosen bolts and move rails into alignment, then lubricate and retighten.


Potential Problems:

The above common faults are just that. There are a number of other faults that can occur with cross trainers these include:

  • Worn bearings both in the flywheel housing and on the pedal arms
  • Resistance motor problems
  • Lift/Elevation motor issues (should your cross trainer have this function)
  • Console functionality problems i.e. the LCD display