Exercise Bike Repairs

Exercise Bike Common Faults

Problem Action
Noises from pedals and surrounding area during use: Detach, lubricate and reattach the pedals.  Also check the threading on the pedal to ensure it is not worn
Display is out: Check console cables and if you have a mains powered machine check the power adapter is fully inserted
No change in resistance/no resistance: Ensure cables are connected securely and that all pins are straight.  Also make sure that the plug is fully inserted
Erratic heart rate readings from chest strap and/or hand grips: Ensure contact is firm between strap/grips and body.  Also body areas in contact with strap/grips should be warm and slightly moist.


Exercise Bike Maintenance:

Proper and regular maintenance of your Exercise Bike will increase its longevity and performance.  Some simple tips to follow would be to check the tightness of nuts and bolts regularly and thread lock them as and when necessary.

Exercise Bike Potential Problems:

As with the advice relating to cross trainers there are a number of other more serious faults that can occur as the product is used more.  These can include:

  • Issues with the flywheel bearings
  • Drive belt worn out
  • Resistance motor issues
  • Console Problems
  • Seat adjustment not working