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    LK7200 Commercial Upright Bike – BH Fitness

    The LK7200 upright bike is very comfortable and has a self generating power supply with the option of plugging it in. The LK7200 features vertical and horizontal seat adjustments for maximum comfort. There is also an internal fan which will be powered by your pedalling.

    Here are our links to our Facebook YouTube where we our starting to upload our own personal videos of fitness equipment.  You will be able to watch Kurt go through some of the great points of the equipment we are selling or hiring.

    LK7200 Features:

    Electromagnetic and self-generating braking system. No electrical connection required.
    High rigidity elliptical structure.
    Control panel with indicators: Time, watts, distance, calories, speed, RPM, pulse profile and selected program.
    40 programs: For different trainings, including Fitness Test and Heart rate Control in order to improve the quality of the exercise.
    12 profiles with 4 intensity levels for each one.
    Monitored heart rate: measured either by contact with the handlebar or via telemetry (Integrated POLAR compatible receiver).
    20 levels of resistance.
    Obstacles between seat and handlebar have been eliminated: Creating a completely accessible machine.
    Pedals with adjustable and wrap strap to secure foot.
    Poly-V belt drive system: to ensure silent exercise and minimal maintenance.
    Adjustable gel seat and stabilizers.
    Wheels for an easy transport.
    Triathlon type handlebar: allowing multi-position grip, both lateral and central.
    Fan system: For a more pleasant exercise and adjustable intensity of resistance and speed.
    Start and Stop buttons are accessible.
    Highly developed bio-mechanics for a precise and controlled exercise.
    Electromagnetic resistance: 500 w.

    LK7200 Specifications

    Dimensions: 130 x 62 x 142 cm.
    Weight: 59 Kg.
    Power: 800 Watts.
    Consumption: 200 watts.


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    • Minimum 6 weeks hire.
    • £204.00 (includes delivery and collection) excluding AB, IV, DG, NE, CA incurs £35.00
    • Receive 33% of total hire spend off the list price should you decide to buy this product. For example hire for 6 weeks and receive £67.32 off list price!

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