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    LK8250 VS Trainer


    The LK8250 contributes to the versatility, flexibility and freedom of your workout by allowing you to choose from four different stride functions: step, walk, jog and run. The monitor and user-friendly software make it a comprehensive training machine for all types of user.

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    LK8250 Features:

    Variable stride trainer, from 18” to 26”, with automatic stride adjustment.

    Maximum versatility, flexibility and freedom to exercise in one single machine. Free movement, without a confining fixed stride system.

    Stride control: Providing pedals with independent stride movement.

    Maximum adaptability: Ideal for any type of user and all types of training levels.

    Electromagnetic brake system with generator. Maximum reliability and precision.

    Resistance level: 1~24 Challenging levels to help you meet your fitness goals.

    Bearings: Heavy duty SKF bearings.

    HR Monitoring: Contact and integrated Polar wireless receiver (Polar Chest transmitter optional).

    Transmission System: PK belt drive assures performance that is smooth, quiet, and low maintenance. No Chain means you and the bike stay cleaner with no oiling.

    Integrated powerful fan: Provides a cooling sensation while exercising.

    Bottle holder: Very useful for long training sessions.

    Wheels: For easy transportation.

    On-screen information: time, distance, pulse rate, RMP/Stride, Watts, METS, calories burnt and exercise control graphs.

    8 preset profiles: various programs, including Manual, Random, Interval, Valley connection, Rolling, Mountain, Watt control and HRC – heart rate control, which allows you to target cardiovascular areas.

    LK8250 Specifications:

    • Height: 167 cm / 66”.
    • Width: 66 cm / 26”.
    • Length: 154 cm / 61”.
    • Weight: 117 Kg / 258 lbs.
    • Maximum user weight: 150 Kg / 331 lbs.
    • Distance between pedals: 12 cm / 5”.
    • Stride length: 46-66 cm / 18”.
    • Screen type: LED + Dot Matrix.
    • On-screen information: Level, RPM / Strides, Time, Distance, Calories, Watts, METs, Pulse, Workout Profile.
    • Languages: Esp, Eng, Fr, De, Nl, It, Pt.
    • Heart rate monitoring: Touch sensors and telemetric.
    • Resistance/difficulty levels: 1 – 24.
    • Selfpowered: No.
    • Programs: Manual, HRC, Watt, Interval, Random, Valley, Rolling, Mountain.
    • Automatic increase of stride and resistance: SI.
    • Stride length regulation: Keypad with 5 stride options.
    • Anti-slip pedals: Yes.
    • Other: I.Concept system compatible.
    • Warranty: Commercial 2 years parts and labour / Semi commercial 3 years parts and labour.


    Safety lock

    Safety lock. Equipped with a pedal lock system to allow the user to get on and off the elliptical trainer safely.

    Variable stride

    Variable stride elliptical trainer, from 18” to 26”: * 18”: Step * 20”: Walk * 22”: Jog * 26”: Run

    Focus bars and fixed handles

    Double set of focus bars and fixed handles allowing the user to work their arms or receive information about their heart rate.

    Extra large footrests

    Extra large footrests. For more comfortable exercise and suitable for users of any height or build.

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