Summit 7 Massage Chair

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1. Massage Chairs Relax the Muscles and Aids in Good Posture

Massage chairs act on certain muscles and use massage strokes that help to relieve the pain. As the muscles begin to relax, any imbalances in the system can be corrected. Relaxed muscles help the body have an increase in its mobility.

A natural tendency of the body in pain is to compensate by using other muscles to make up for the strained muscles.  This places excess stress on healthy ligaments and muscles.

You may sit unevenly if you have a sore hip and this can put extra pressure on the healthy side of the body.  The lower spine may begin to bear weight unevenly as well.  Massage chairs ease the pain of sore muscles so that you can sit more evenly.

2. It Reduces Pressure on the Nerves and Aligns the Spine

Reclining chairs reduce the pressure on the spin by helping the back be supported horizontally.  There are nerves that run through the vertebrae that supply the peripheral areas of the body including the toes, fingers, feet and hands.

Misaligned vertebrae or tension on the back can compress these nerves.  The massage chair can help the muscles relax and can lengthen the spin so that the vertebrae can go back to their original alignment.

When impinged nerves are pressure-free, the nerve impulses can more easily pass through the spinal canal through to the extremities.

3. It Maximizes Your Circulation

Massage chairs can improve circulation, which promotes muscle healing. It allows your blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to the organs and cells of the body, removing toxins your body doesn’t need.  Tense muscles can restrict blood flow.

The Summit 7 massage chair can relax your muscles and maximize the blood flow to the organs and tissues.

4. It Relieves Stress

Massage chairs can reduce stress, affecting your well-being and increasing the biological impact on your overall health. Stress can result in high blood pressure, poor appetite, and sleep problems. Your massage chair can reduce the levels of cortisol in your body, which helps to reduce problems with blood pressure.

5. It Stimulates Your Secretion of Endorphin’s

Massage chairs stimulate the release of neurotransmitters that decrease the perception of pain and decrease the effects of stress on the body. The immune system can be enhanced.

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Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Roller
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair Sensors
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Massage Features
Summit 7 Remote
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Roller
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair Sensors
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Massage Features
Summit 7 Remote

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The Summit 7 massage chair is an evolution in the world of hurts. Yes, the summit 7 is thought through by Kurt Verhoeven to obtain a massage that mimics the real deep tissue massage given by hands. From the sole of your feet to the back of the neck the Summit 7 does it all though properly.

Let your summit 7 massage chair waft you to a new dimension to release muscle knots, tension and soreness. Perfect for athletes, gym goers, overall stiffness or bad posture etc.

The following types of massage are available with the Summit 7:

Circular massage that efficiently relaxes the whole back, strengthening the muscles and easing away tension.

A very gentle, pleasant massage where skilled, agile hands tap along the length of the back helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.

Feel as if the finger of an expert masseuse is exploring your back, passing across its strategic points used in acupuncture.

A novel combination of tapping and kneading massage. A function that multiplies the beneficial, stress relieving effects of both types of massage.

Quick Key Touch: This includes Neck/Shoulders, Waist/Back, Air Intensity 3x levels, Speed of massage all designed by one touch of a button therefore no scrolling or searching for results.

Quick Key Massage 20-minute Modes:





Features you will want to know:

  • Back heating function. Carbon fiber infrared heat source. (Maximum temperature: 60ºC)
  • L Shape back track roller adjustment reaches to 91cm expanding from the neck to the buttocks and a width of 4-24cm, which the 4-rollers will move and massage the very inner and outer area of the back, thighs down to the buttocks. A new design which relieves knotted muscles throughout. An advantage feature over other massage chairs. The real total body massage.
  • Air bags installed in the arm rests for the forearms, hands and fingers. Calf airbags are placed on the sides and behind. Foot airbags placed on the side and above pressing the foot into the massage folks which are placed under the sole of the feet, to experience a full foot massage.
  • Space capsule designed for a Zero Gravity massage. This allows the body to lie flat where little pressure on the body is released.
  • Integrated twin blue lights inserted into the outside armrest to enhance the look and to complement the Summit 7 design.
  • 3x User memory modes on remote
  • Removable remote cradle which can be placed on either side of the Summit 7
  • Comprehensive super silent components



  1. Boxed Dimensions  77 H x 170 L x 77 W cm.
  2. Weight  87 kg/236 lbs.
  3. Easy sit up two piece massage chair with instructions/manuals. A wooden encased, protective film in polystyrene. Wheels for easy transport. Maximum into door width 68cm. Delivered on a single pallet (free delivery UK mainland)
  4. Certificates: Ce, RoHS, ETL
  5. 1 year warranty on parts and labour
Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Roller

Summit 7 Massage Chair 3D Roller

Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair 3D Massage Features

Summit 7 Massage Chair 3D Massage Feature

Summit 7 Pearl Black Massage Chair Sensors

Summit 7 Massage Chair Spine Massage



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