Gym Equipment Service & Maintenance Contracts covering Edinburgh & Lothians

Definition of following terms:

  • 5 Working Day Call Out Period
  • 72hr Call Out Period
  • 48hr Emergency Breakdown Cover
  • 24/7 Technical Support

5 Working Day Call Out Period:

ChandlerSports will have an engineer on site within 5 working days of receiving your request via email, phone or the service request form.

72hr Call Out Period:

ChandlerSports will have an engineer on-site within 72hrs of receiving your request via email, phone or the service request form.

48hr Emergency Breakdown Cover:

This only applies to the GOLD service and maintenance contract. ChandlerSports will have an engineer on site within 48hrs of receiving your request via email, phone or the service request form.

24/7 Technical Support:

This feature only applies to SILVER and GOLD service and maintenance contracts. No matter when a breakdown occurs you will be able to contact ChandlerSports technical support via email, phone or the service request form.

All service visits will include the following:

Cleaning (sanitary wiping and vacuuming)

Lubrication/friction reduction (grease, silicone, waxing)

Examination of wear and tear (bearings, belts, decks, bushes)

Adjustments to machines (movement in joints and linkages)

Current or voltage checks (power stability)

Overall condition check of equipment (paint, perspiration marks, rust)

A complimentary servicing certificate to prove your site is fit for purpose.

All of the above are important factors that owners often underestimate or are unaware of. They can all have knock on effects to the health and safety of the customers in the facility.

After each preventative maintenance visit the engineer will provide a completed inspection report form, which can be shown for insurance purposes in conjunction with our maintenance certificate.

Should the equipment breakdown between the annual service visits feel free to contact ChandlerSports to arrange for the repair of the equipment.

Call out fee’s start from £85.00 + vat for the first hour and £45.00 + vat for subsequent hours.

The majority of repairs are completed within the 1st hour.

To have a chat with one of our service specialists phone 01968672020 or email


For commercial gym owners in Edinburgh and the Lothians looking after your members and your gym equipment go hand in hand. A damaged treadmill belt or a worn cable on a weights’ pulley can easily result in a nasty accident. Apart from violating health and safety rules & regulations which can have a huge impact on your limited liability insurance the consequences of poorly maintained gym equipment can be disastrous both for your members and for your business reputation. Safeguard your investment with a Chandler Sports’ Servicing and Maintenance contract.

Why choose Chandler Sports for your gym equipment service and maintenance needs?

Chandler Sports’ Managing Director, Kurt Verhoeven is passionate about health and fitness. His aim is to give you the best service possible to ensure your gym is always fully functional while still keeping within your budget. That’s why we’ve designed a range of service & maintenance packages to cover gyms throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians that are tailored to meet your needs. Our highly knowledgeable technical staff are second to none. They know their way around almost every piece of gym equipment there is to ensure you get the best service possible.

What others have to say about Chandler Sports’ Service & Maintenance Contracts

You’re in good company when you put the health and wellbeing of your gym in our hands. Other gyms in Edinburgh and the Lothians who have put their trust in us include the Scotsman Hotel and many others throughout Scotland.

Here’s a comment from just one of our clients.


I always find the Chandler Sports team very friendly & pleasant whenever they are called out. They are also very competitively priced and as well as servicing our equipment were also very helpful in finding us a suitable running machine when one of ours was needing replaced.”

Joanne Cox,

Accounts Department – Symphony Hotels & Leisure Ltd

Chandler Sports fills a niche in the market where owners and managers of health and fitness facilities throughout Scotland require technical expertise to help maintain their equipment.

Your customers are using your equipment all day, every day and it is all important to minimize the risk of those nasty ‘out of order signs’.

Preventative action is best for controlling your business environment and reducing the risk of costly breakdowns. Users will be satisfied to know that your equipment is well maintained so they can exercise knowing a treadmill belt will not slip or a bike crank is not cracked.

Benefits of a Service & Maintenance contract are:

  • Your equipment investments are well maintained, which increases their longevity….hassle free.
  • Your customers will see that you have pride in your facility and a real concern for their health, safety and wellbeing
  • It will give you more time to focus on your customers rather than worrying about maintenance issues.
  • Service & Maintenance contracts are a minimal cost compared with replacing your equipment.
  • ChandlerSports has strong relationships with many commercial suppliers so we can get you a great price for when parts are required.
  • Call outs, travel costs, labour and materials are all included on the quoted cost of your service contract.
  • Service contracts are flexible and can be reassessed to cover additional equipment purchased during the contract period.

We will clean, lubricate and make any necessary adjustments to machines within the gymnasium to ensure the equipment runs smoothly. We have the ability to source any parts required to bring equipment up to full and safe working condition.

Here at ChandlerSports we appreciate your custom, so combined with our expertise in the repair sector we are able to provide a 3-month* warranty on all repair work including labour and faulty parts.

*Some parts will come with a longer than 3-month warranty, and in these instances the facility will be notified in advance.

We offer a range of service and maintenance contracts to suit any budget these are as follows: